Naruto: The 5 worst injuries of Akatsuki members


1. Jugo's Immortality:  he is ultimately defeated by Kakashi's Wind Release Rasengan, which penetrates every cell in his body.

2. Hidan's Fragmented Existence: Similar to Jugo, Hidan is immortal. However, after being blown apart, his body is left fragmented and it is likely that he is dead. 

3. Kisame's Tragic Demise: Kisame is defeated by Guy and is subsequently devoured by sharks. His injuries worsen, and unable to endure the agony, he ultimately dies. 

4. Itachi's Sacrifice: Itachi sacrifices himself to save Sasuke by using his own body to shield him from a fatal attack by Kabuto. As a result, his body disintegrates into ashes. 

5. Nagato's Crippling: Nagato triggers a trap that leaves him severely injured and confined to a wheelchair. The Deva Path impales his body with black rods, rendering him unable to heal himself.