Naruto: The most miserable psychic beast


1. Shigure, the telepathic beast

2.he giant toad : Gamabunta, also known as the Toad Boss, is a formidable telepathic beast owned by Jiraiya. 

3. Gamatatsu and Gamakichi : In the battle against Pain in Konoha, these two large toads were summoned by Naruto. 

4. Boss Toad, Shima, and Fukasaku : These two sages are the parents of the three giant toads and were summoned by Jiraiya in his fight against Pain. 

5. Katsuyu: As Tsunade's telepathic beast, Katsuyu possesses powerful healing abilities. 

6. Enma: Enma is the Third Hokage's exclusive telepathic beast. It possesses immense physical abilities and wields the Ruyi Jingu Bang. 

7. Manda: Once Orochimaru's telepathic beast, Manda met an unfortunate end when summoned by Sasuke to protect him from Deidara's explosive attack.