Naruto: Why is there a BUG in the timeline?


1. Kakashi's age and the age of other characters in Naruto series contradict each other. 

2. Age Discrepancy: Kakashi is 26 years old while Asuma is 27 and Kurenai is 28, but Rin is only 23, making her younger than everyone else. 

3. Kakashi's Confusing Age: Kakashi became a Jonin at 6 years old, indicating he was already out of ninja school. If he entered at 4 years old, he would have graduated in just one year. However, if he entered at 5 years old, he would have spent two years in school. 

4. Comparison to Itachi and Rin: Itachi was supposed to be 21 and Rin 24 during the events of the series.


Kakashi was already a Jonin when both Itachi and Rin were still in school, further complicating the timeline. 

5. Conclusion: In Naruto, the ages of characters, especially Kakashi and Rin, do not align logically. This inconsistency raises doubts about the accuracy of the series' timeline and portrayal of character growth.