Naruto: When Hinata becomes a villai


1. Akatsuki: Hinata Hyuga wears Akatsuki attire, the trademark of the notorious rogue shinobi organization. This transformation showcases her captivating appearance. 

2. Sound Ninja: Hinata embraces her evil side and becomes a follower of Orochimaru, donning the outfit of a Sound Ninja. She exudes a malevolent aura. 

3. Curse Mark: If Hinata were to gain Orochimaru's Curse Mark, she would undergo a grotesque transformation with bat-like wings. Her new appearance is utterly appalling. 

4. Red Eyes Transformation: Hinata's normally beautiful Byakugan eyes turn red, resembling those of a vampire. This alternative appearance after succumbing to darkness is almost unbearable to look at. 

5. Ninja Road Attire: In the Naruto movie "Ninja Road," Hinata transforms into a rebellious and intimidating character, fully embracing her sinister side.