Her Legs Were Amputated After Using Common Product

Lauren Wasser, a former model and now activist, experienced a life-threatening ordeal after contracting toxic shock syndrome (TSS) from a Super-plus tampon. She was found unconscious and near death, covered in feces and vomit, and had to undergo multiple amputations, losing both of her legs. TSS occurs when bacteria invade the bloodstream and produce dangerous toxins, leading to symptoms similar to the flu. Tampons are a significant risk factor for TSS, and although tampon boxes warn against leaving them in for more than eight hours, Wasser changed her tampon regularly while experiencing symptoms. Since her recovery, Wasser has become an advocate for women's health, raising awareness about the potential dangers of tampons and promoting legislation for transparency in feminine hygiene products. She has shared her story through various platforms and continues inspire others by emphasizing the importance of resilience and fighting through adversity. Despite her physical challenges, Wasser has maintained a successful modeling career, wearing gold prosthetic legs in advertisements and magazines. She encourages others not to give and to keep fighting, reminding them that nothing is impossible.

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