Naruto: 5 people with "normal" chakra attributes


1. Tsunade: Tsunade, one of the Legendary Sannin, focuses on medical skills and brute strength instead of nature transformation techniques. She relies on her Hundred Strength technique and physical attacks. 

2. Might Guy: Known for his taijutsu skills, Might Guy's most remarkable technique is the Eight Gates of Death. He never uses ninjutsu or chakra nature transformations, relying solely on his physical abilities.

3. Kakuzu: As a member of Akatsuki, Kakuzu possesses the Jiongu technique, which grants him an immortal body. He only needs to scratch his opponent to activate his unique ability, and like the previous examples, he doesn't use ninjutsu or chakra nature transformations.



4. Minato Namikaze: The Fourth Hokage, Minato, relies on his space-time ninjutsu technique, the Flying Thunder God, and his Rasengan. Neither of these techniques involves chakra nature transformations. 

5. Sakura Haruno: Initially praised for her talent in genjutsu, Sakura later trained in taijutsu under Tsunade. Like her master, Sakura masters the Hundred Strength technique and relies on physical attacks.