‘I Sh*t Myself!:’ Porch Thief Attempts To Rob Marine, Gets Blown Away

A Marine veteran decided to take action against porch thieves who were stealing packages from his doorstep. Fed up with the thefts, he rigged a package with a flashbang device. When the thief grabbed the package, the flashbang exploded, launching him off the porch. In the video captured by a security camera, the Marine confronts the startled thief, revealing that he knew about the thefts all along. The thief claims he was from next door and didn't intend to steal the package, but the Marine explains that it was a booby trap.

In another incident, a truck owner in New Orleans, frustrated by repeated break-ins, installed a flashbang inside his vehicle as a deterrent. When a thief smashed the window and entered the truck, the flashbang detonated, startling the criminal. The truck owner, who wished to remain anonymous, expressed his desire for the thieves to face consequences rather than getting away with their crimes.

The truck owner blamed the increase in vehicle burglaries on failed leadership and the lack of consequences for criminals. He reported the incidents to the police but understood that they were understaffed and overwhelmed. He believed that the flashbang device could serve as a deterrent and make potential thieves think twice before committing a crime.

Both stories demonstrate the frustration experienced by victims of theft and their efforts to take matters into their own hands. They highlight the need for better security measures and consequences for criminals. While seeking justice, the victims also acknowledged the limitations faced by law enforcement in addressing the rising crime rates.

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