Naruto: When Naruto transplanted his pupils


1. Sharingan: Sharingan is the Uchiha clan's bloodline limit doujutsu. Naruto looks cool with the Sharingan and it suits him well.

2. Byakugan: Byakugan is the Hyuga clan's bloodline limit doujutsu. Although it is not as powerful as the Sharingan, it is still formidable. 

3. Rinnegan: Rinnegan is the strongest doujutsu, possessing the power of creation and destruction. Naruto's Rinnegan enhances his abilities but gives off an evil vibe, resembling Pain "Tendou" Nagato. 

4. Tenseigan: Tenseigan is a powerful doujutsu combining the Byakugan and Otsutsuki bloodline. Naruto's eyes become bright and he looks handsome with the Tenseigan. 

5. Jougan: Jougan is a special doujutsu in the "Boruto" series. It is awakened by Boruto and its abilities are unknown. Naruto's appearance with Jougan is not as cool as Boruto's, suiting Boruto more.