Naruto: When a ninja transforms into the Sage of Six Paths


1. Six Paths Mode: Naruto gained the Six Paths Sage Mode during the Fourth Great Ninja.He becomes almost invincible, surpassing Kaguya and Toneri's powers. 

2.Sasuke :Sasuke also obtained the Six Paths Sage Mode during the war. However, he only opened one Rinnegan. If Sasuke were to obtain complete Six Paths power, he would gain two Rinnegan.

3.Orochimaru: Orochimaru always sought greater power. He finally achieved his goal and became a Six Paths Sage, opening both Rinnegan. He looks slightly evil and even stronger than Madara Uchiha. 

4.Tsunade: Tsunade is one of the legendary Sanin of Konoha. If she were to unlock Six Paths Mode, she would become a Six Paths Sage, gaining the Rinnegan. She looks like Hagoromo's reincarnation. 

5. Kakashi, the Second Hokage of Konoha, also obtains the Six Paths Mode, opening the Rinnegan. His power has significantly increased, and he looks incredibly imposing.