Naruto: Naruto has had chakra sucked away 5 times


1. Pein's Attack on Konoha:  Using his Deva Path, Pein attempted to absorb Naruto's chakra. However, Naruto countered by absorbing natural energy, causing Pein's Preta Path to absorb too much senjutsu chakra and turn into a statue. 

2. Mechanical Naruto: In a confrontation with the real Naruto, Mechanical Naruto automatically absorbed his chakra, rendering Naruto powerless against it. 

3. Sasuke's Absorption: Despite Kurama providing Naruto with chakra, Sasuke used his Rinnegan to absorb it. If not for this, Naruto may have defeated him much earlier. 

4. Toneri's Invasion: In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Toneri invaded Konoha to collect dispersed chakra and captured Naruto.


In another dimension, Toneri attempted to absorb Naruto's tailed beast chakra, but Naruto had too much for Toneri to handle. 

5. Fū's Absorption Attempt: Fū targeted Naruto to absorb his chakra, but Naruto cleverly evaded it using a shadow clone. This turned out to be an enjoyable experience for Naruto without any pain.