Naruto: Namikaze Minato's 5 treasures


1.Rasengan: Minato Namikaze created the Rasengan, a famous A-rank ninjutsu. He passed it on to his son, Naruto, who perfected it. 

2.Flying Raijin Kunai: Minato inherited this space-time ninjutsu and became known as the "Yellow Flash" for his incredible speed. He used the kunai to activate the technique. 

3.Gamabunta: Gamabunta is a powerful toad and Minato's summoned beast. He fought alongside Minato against the Nine-Tails and later became Naruto's summoned beast. 

4.Nine-Tails: The Nine-Tails was sealed within Kushina Uzumaki but later manipulated by Tobi. Minato sacrificed himself to seal half of it within himself and the other half within Naruto. 

5.Naruto:Minato sacrificed himself to seal half of the Nine-Tails within himself. Naruto, Minato's son, is his ultimate treasure and carries on his legacy with his family.