Kidnapped Mother and Baby Found in Wooden Crate, 3 People Arrested

In Zambia, three individuals were arrested for capturing and attempting to sell a mother and her baby pangolin. These unique mammals, covered in scales and known for their secretive and nocturnal behavior, were found clinging to each other inside a wooden crate after a week-long search by Zambian authorities. The poor condition of the pangolins indicated they had been held in captivity for over two weeks.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife's Investigations and Intelligence Unit successfully apprehended the suspects, highlighting the growing concern over pangolin poaching and illegal trade in Zambia. The pangolin pair, now under the care of the GRI Wildlife Crime Prevention Project, are showing signs of improvement in their health and weight. The plan is to rehabilitate them fully before releasing them into the Kafue National Park.

Pangolins face significant threats as they are heavily hunted and traded due to the demand for their meat and scales in certain Asian markets. They are considered the most trafficked wild mammal globally, with an estimated 233,980 killed between 2011 and 2013 alone. Over the past decade, approximately one million pangolins have been illegally traded, and the demand continues to rise.

This incident in Zambia sheds light on the cruel fate suffered by pangolins. With social media platforms like WCP - Wildlife Crime Prevention raising awareness, these intriguing creatures are gaining attention, prompting people to learn about and take action against their exploitation.

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