Naruto: The 5 Ninjutsu that Jinchuriki fears most


1. Wood Release: Hashirama used this technique to gain recognition from Madara Uchiha and suppress the Nine-Tails. Later, Madara used it against Naruto during the Fourth Great Ninja War. 

2. Sage Art: Inorganic Reanimation Kabuto Yakushi's Sage Mode allows him to perform the Sage Art: Inorganic Reanimation. This technique summons a red dragon that can attack with visual and auditory assaults through vibrations. It proved effective against Sasuke's Susano'o and Itachi's defenses. 

3. Fire Release: Dragon Flame Singing Technique Itachi Uchiha's unique ninjutsu, Dragon Flame Singing Technique, is a powerful fire release technique.


Itachi shapes his fire into four dragons that attack from all directions, consuming a large amount of chakra. It has a 100% accuracy rate and devastating destructive power.

4. Eight Branches Technique Orochimaru's forbidden jutsu, the Eight Branches Technique, allows him to transform into the "Giant White Snake." With eight heads and eight tails, this monstrous creature rivals the Tailed Beasts. 

5. Night Guy: The Ultimate Taijutsu The Eighth Gate, also known as "Night Guy," grants unparalleled physical strength. Rock Lee unlocked this gate during the Fourth Great Ninja War, transforming into a red dragon-like figure.