Naruto: The 5 most tragic psychic beasts


1. Artificial Spirit Beast: A creature created by a scientist, capable of assimilating abilities to continually grow stronger. It met a tragic end before finding its master.

2. Dream Moth: Tsunade's summoned beast with a large mouth that creates strong wind-based attacks. It was defeated by Sasuke, ultimately turning into a charred dream moth. 

3. Pain's Chameleon: A powerful and invisible summoned beast that causes headaches. It was defeated by Jiraiya and Tsunade. 

4. Gamakichi: A messenger frog with no combat abilities. It was assassinated by Tsunade while trying to deliver a message.

5. Manda: Orochimaru's favorite and powerful summoned beast. Despite its strength, it was manipulated and used as a sacrificial pawn by Sasuke.