Unbeatable gimmick of the 5 ninjas in Naruto: Telescope Itachi focusing from a distance, Water Gate Minato leaving people helpless at home.

The topic of the power balance among ninjas in Naruto has always been a popular discussion among fans. Many popular ninjas have fan theories about how they could become invincible. Take Itachi Uchiha, for example. His popularity is undeniable, thanks to his powerful abilities such as Susano'o, Ten-Fists Sword, and Amaterasu. However, his abilities, Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi, are limited by the need for visual focus to activate. Thus, the fan theory of "telescope Itachi" was born. If Itachi used a telescope to enhance his Mangekyou Sharingan's abilities, his range and unpredictability would make him unstoppable. Another example is Minato Namikaze, who mastered the Flying Thunder God technique. With his incredible reflexes and speed, it is difficult to defeat him unless he encounters a sealing barrier. Hence, the fan theory of "homecoming Minato" emerged. If Minato used the Flying Thunder God technique for hit-and-run attacks and quickly retreated, who could defend against him? Kaguya Otsutsuki, as the progenitor of chakra, is undoubtedly the strongest in the ninja world. However, her lack of battle experience and combat intelligence limit her true potential. If Kaguya had high intelligence, no one in the ninja world could seal her, despite her lack of combat experience. Additionally, the fan theory of "infertile Kaguya" arose, referring to the difficulties she faced with her children. Combining high intelligence and infertility, the ninja world would become Kaguya's playground. Deidara, known for his explosive clay, is limited by its vulnerability to lightning release. However, if Deidara flies high enough and uses guerrilla warfare tactics, few can truly defeat him. Hidan's jutsu allows him to transfer damage to his opponents if he acquires their blood, making him incredibly dangerous. This leads to the fan theory of making him a mosquito user or even controlling insects directly. These are just a few examples of the invincibility theories among Naruto ninjas. Let's continue to discuss our favorite anime together.