Naruto: The 5 most miserable psychic beasts


1. Manda:  Tragically, during Sasuke's battle with Deidara, Manda was summoned as a "sacrificial pawn" and perished innocently in an explosion. 

2. Kurama: Initially controlled by Madara and later by Minato, it eventually became tamed and a pet of the village. Summoned by Obito, it was defeated by Minato once again, resulting in its soul being split in two. 

3. Gamakichi: It often served as a "stepping stone" for Asuma and faced rejection from Neji and Tenten. 

4. Gamabunta: Tragically, during the attack, it was killed by a single sword strike from Danzo. Gamabunta's demise was unforeseen and tragic. 

5. Shinigami: Hiruzen Sarutobi's Shinigami summoning beast is enormous and possesses powerful Wind Release techniques.  It transformed into a "roasted shinigami" and was instantly killed by Sasuke's Fire Release technique after its master's demise.