Naruto: Orochimaru has five treasures


1. Kusanagi Sword: Orochimaru's treasured weapon, there are three in total. He keeps one hidden in his mouth, gave one to Sasuke, and the third is lost. 

2. Robots: Orochimaru created a robot Naruto and a robot Nine-Tails to destroy Konoha, but robot Naruto betrayed him and merged with the real Naruto.

3. Forbidden Jutsu: Orochimaru seeks forbidden jutsu and has mastered many, surpassing even Tobirama Senju. His hands were sealed by Hiruzen Sarutobi, but later unsealed.

4. Manda: Orochimaru's summon, a powerful snake. Manda was manipulated by Sasuke and sacrificed.

5. Mitsuki: Orochimaru becomes a parent to Mitsuki, a synthetic human, in Boruto.