Naruto: The 5 most disgusting transformations


1. White Scale Serpent:During his battle with Sasuke, Orochimaru revealed his true form, becoming a grotesque serpent made up of countless small snakes.

2. Earth Grudge Fear Transformation: Deidara's entire body is now covered in tentacle-like lines that burst out into black lines when he transforms, creating a disturbing visual.

3. Cursed Seal Mode: When fully cursed, Sasuke grows bat wings from his back, becoming grotesque in appearance. 

4. Multiple-Body Pouch: Other people's bodies and heads grow out of Kabuto's stomach when he transforms, creating a nauseating appearance resembling a "Multiple-Body Pouch." 

5. Reanimation Eye Rampage Mode: After being defeated by Naruto, Toneri absorbs numerous Reanimation Eyes, causing his body to be covered in countless eyes, resembling a skin condition.