Naruto: Changes in 5 goddesses after getting married


1. Ino: Running a flower shop and handling missions, Ino remains beautiful after becoming a mother. However, her son has to endure her violent tendencies. 

2. Sakura: Taking care of their daughter and dealing with work and financial pressures, Sakura's health is affected, causing fainting episodes. 

3. Temari: Marrying into the village, Temari becomes the head of the household and possibly becomes more violent. 

4. Hinata: Revered as the first goddess of the Hidden Leaf Village, Hinata's figure has changed after having children. She shoulders childcare responsibilities while Naruto continues to work. Her violent side emerges when disciplining her children. 

5. Karui: After becoming a mother, Karui becomes more reserved and calm, shedding her previous fierceness. She no longer takes on missions and enjoys her later years.