Naruto: Five Ninjas Who Can Use Millennium Kill


1. Kakashi: Kakashi in the anime Naruto, the Thousand Years of Death technique was intended to be funny but ended up shocking his student Naruto. 

2. Naruto: Mastering the Powerful Jutsu Through training with Kakashi, Naruto was able to master the Thousand Years of Death technique. He personally experienced the pain and gained a deep understanding of the jutsu. 

3. White Fang: t was actually passed down from his father, the legendary hero known as the White Fang. Unfortunately, due to misunderstandings, the White Fang tragically took his own life. 

4. Rock Lee:  Surprisingly, Kakashi passed on the technique to him. This storyline is portrayed in a spin-off centered around Rock Lee. 

5. Sasuke:During his time with Orochimaru, Sasuke defeated a group of ninjas, targeting one of them in a rather sensitive area.