Naruto:the ultimate ninjutsu that hurts others and yourself


1. Shinigami's Belly Seal: This forbidden jutsu seals both the caster and the enemy's souls within the Shinigami's stomach, resulting in an eternal battle. 

2. Curse Technique: Death Controlling Blood: Hidan uses this forbidden jutsu, connecting the fates of both fighters using blood. It allows him to manipulate his opponent's movements and ultimately leads to their death. 

3. Deidara's Explosive Clay Technique: Deidara's specialty is the Self-Destruction Technique. By compressing chakra into high-density bombs, he can destroy large-scale obstacles. 

4. Eight Gates: When opened, they grant him tremendous power surpassing even that of a Hokage. However, the user will die shortly afterward. Rock Lee survived thanks to the plot armor of the protagonist and used this technique to counter Uchiha Itachi.