Naruto: Kakashi’s 5 treasures


1. White Fang Dagger:  After Sakumo's death, Kakashi inherited it but used it as a kitchen knife until it broke.

2. Dual Mangekyou Sharingan: This eye allowed Kakashi to copy over a thousand jutsu, earning him the title "Copy Ninja Kakashi." 

3. Decapitating Sword: During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Kakashi defeated Zabuza and obtained the Decapitating Sword, one of the Seven Ninja Swords of the Mist.

4. Dual Rinnegan: With these eyes, Kakashi gained powerful abilities like Kamui and the complete Susano'o. 

5. "Makeout Paradise": A book called "Makeout Paradise" given to Kakashi by Naruto is his most cherished possession.