Naruto: 5 thaumaturgic techniques that Jiraiya has mastered


1. Hair Manipulation Technique: Jiraiya, Naruto's master, has various ninja techniques including the Hair Manipulation Technique. His long, messy white hair serves as a powerful defense, forming a shield around his body to protect himself. It can also be used offensively to attack opponents. 

2. Toad Transformation Technique: Jiraiya's unique Toad Transformation Technique can transform others into frogs. When captured and interrogated, the transformed person unintentionally reveals information while the frogs sing together. This technique is extremely dangerous. 

3. Toad Flat Shadow Manipulation Technique: Jiraiya can trap and hide within someone else's shadow using this deceptive and advanced technique.


It surpasses the abilities of the Nara Clan's Shadow Clone Technique.

4. Barrier: Toad Gourd Prison Technique: Jiraiya's unique barrier allows him to sense when someone enters. This enables him to locate enemies and plan his moves accordingly. 

5. Scatter Shot: Jiraiya's last technique involves throwing a large amount of shuriken at once. While not individually powerful, the quantity can confuse and catch opponents off guard.