Armed Robbers Target Pregnant Woman, But She’s Armed Too

A pregnant woman in Texas defended herself against two armed robbers outside a gas station, earning praise from Houston police. The incident took place in the parking lot when the woman, sitting in her car, noticed two men approaching her with guns while her husband was inside the store. Acting quickly, she called her husband and stepped out of the vehicle, suspecting that they intended to rob her. One of the armed men, identified as Mario Ipina Duque, advanced towards the couple while the other retreated.

Anticipating danger, the woman reached into her purse for her concealed carry weapon. Suddenly, the armed suspect struck her husband with his pistol. In response, the woman swiftly aimed her firearm and neutralized the threat. She then circled around a van obstructing her view and found the suspect, Duque, lying on the ground bleeding. Keeping him at gunpoint, she awaited the police and ensured he didn't raise his weapon.

Meanwhile, the husband, who was also armed, confronted the robber and ordered him to discard his gun. With the suspect complying, the couple held him until law enforcement arrived. Duque, injured from gunshot wounds, was taken to the hospital for treatment but is expected to recover. The Houston Police Department deemed the victims' actions as self-defense, protecting themselves and their unborn child.

Duque faced charges of possession of a deadly weapon, unlawful carrying of a weapon, and aggravated assault. While he received medical attention in the hospital, investigators released images of the second suspect, along with his license plate number and weapon description. Authorities continued their search for him as the investigation progressed.

This incident exemplifies a frightening situation that could have ended tragically. However, due to the woman's decision to exercise her Second Amendment rights, she was able to defend herself and her husband effectively. The story serves as a reminder that even the most vulnerable individuals have the opportunity to protect themselves with the appropriate measures in place.

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