6 Controversial Commercials Beer Companies Want You to Forget

Colt 45 "Works Every Time" ads: In the mid-0s, Billy Dee Williams starred in Colt 45 ads that were accused of promoting the use of beer to intoxicate and take advantage of women. The slogan "Works every time" was seen as suggestive and inappropriate.

Meghan Markle & skinny jeans ad by Miller Lite: Meghan Markle appeared in a 2010 Miller Lite commercial where she mocks a man for wearing skinny jeans. The ad was criticized for reinforcing gender stereotypes and implying that men should choose a "manlier" beer.

Heineken's "Sometimes, lighter is better" tagline: Heineken faced backlash in 2018 for ad featuring a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken Light past three black patrons to an attractive woman with a pale complexion. The ad was deemed racist and supporting a preference for fair complexions.

Bad Dog Bud Light ad: A Bud Light commercial showed a man being mounted by a dog when he bends over to retrieve his beer. Although intended as a joke, it sparked controversy due to its suggestive nature and inappropriate content.

Miller Light's banned Catfight ad: During the 2003 NFL playoffs, Miller Light aired an ad portraying two women engaging in an explicit and degrading wrestling match. While some viewers found it humorous, many criticized it for perpetuating negative stereotypes about female fights.

Bud Light's partnership with a transgender influencer: Bud Light partnered with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney, sending her customized cans as part of an ad campaign. However, the move backfired, leading to backlash and boycotts from traditional consumers who felt excluded by the company's attempt to be inclusive.

These controversial commercials have caused public outrage, damaged brand reputation, and led to decreased sales for some beer companies. They serve as reminders that marketers must be mindful of societal sensitivities and avoid perpetuating harmful stereotypes or engaging in divisive campaigns.

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