Woman Uncovers MANHOLE Under Carpet In Master Bedroom

Jennifer Little, an estate manager in California, made a surprising discovery when she removed a dresser and carpet from a master bedroom. Underneath, she found a manhole leading to an underground Cold War-era bomb shelter. Little shared her find on TikTok, giving viewers a tour of the shelter. The shelter contained two bunk beds, a bedpan urinal, glass bottles, and a vintage vibrating chair called theMagic Couch." The house also had hidden ventilation in the walls, indicating the fear of a nuclear bomb attack during that time. Little mentioned that such shelters were common in central California due to its exposure to potential attacks. In subsequent videos, she revealed that the shelter was in disarray and leaking. The house also had a separate dry storage room for the shelter, which puzzled Little as it required leaving the shelter to access. Little's initial video gained millions of views and comments, with some joking about claustrophobia and others suggesting the usefulness of the shelter in current times. The discovery serves as a reminder of past fears and precautions taken by Americans. However, it is hoped that such shelters remain relics of the past, as we live in relatively peaceful times.

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