Store Owner Bans Pepsi Products When He Notices ‘Offensive’ Logo

Georgia grocery store owner, Phillip Stewart, made a controversial business decision by banning certain Pepsi products from his supermarket due to the NFL logo on the label. Stewart believes that Pepsi's association with the NFL, which he perceives as supporting disrespect towards the American flag, National Anthem, and police officers, goes against his personal beliefs. He took to Facebook to announce the ban, stating that he refuses to sell the products until the logo is removed. Despite acknowledging the risk to his business, Stewart felt compelled to take a stand.

Stewart's decision received mixed reactions from customers. While some supported his move, others expressed neutrality or disagreed with his stance. Stewart understands the right to protest but believes there are more appropriate ways address the issue. He asserts his own right to demonstrate against the kneeling protests by refusing to sell products featuring the NFL logo. Stewart's customers largely backed his decision, and it did not negatively impact his business. In fact, he received significant support for his cause, and his store continued to thrive.

Stewart remains firm in his resolve to keep the ban until the logo is removed from the products. He has replaced Pepsi items with Coke products and has seen ongoing support from the majority of his customers. The controversy surrounding his decision has not deterred patrons from purchasing from his store.

In summary, Georgia grocery store owner Phillip Stewart banned certain Pepsi products from his supermarket due to the NFL logo the label, which he believes supports disrespect towards American symbols. Despite potential risks, Stewart's decision garnered support from customers, and his business remained unaffected. He plans to maintain the ban until the logo is removed and continues to offer alternative products to his customers.

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