Macy’s Pulls ‘Politically Incorrect’ Dinner Plates From Shelves

Macy's faced criticism and removed dinner plates from their stores after a customer, Alie Ward, tweeted a photo of the plates and expressed her disapproval. The plates, designed by Pourtions, featured circles labeledskinny jeans," "favorite jeans," and "mom jeans" to promote portion control. Whileie Ward believed the plates promoted eating disorders and called for their ban, many saw them as a lighthearted way to encourage healthy habits. Pourtions defended their product, stating that it conveyed a positive message about mindful eating. They received overwhelming support and increased sales following the controversy. Alie Ward's concerns focused potential harm caused by the plates' message, but statistics show that obesity and overweight are more prevalent issues in the United States than eating disorders. The majority of American adults struggle with weight-related problems, making the message of portion control relevant and necessary. The backlash against the plates may do more harm than good by discouraging a healthy habit.

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