Naruto: The person Kabuto wants to be resurrected the most


1. Uchiha Shisui: He had gone missing after jumping off a cliff, and Orochimaru wanted to revive him during the Fourth Great Ninja War in order to manipulate Itachi with Kotoamatsukami. 

2. Jiraiya: Similarly, Orochimaru wanted to revive Jiraiya, as he knew Naruto would hesitate to fight against his beloved master. 

3. Kushina Uzumaki: Orochimaru would have liked to revive Kushina Uzumaki, a skilled user of sealing techniques, who could potentially overpower Naruto and seal the Nine-Tails. 

4. Maito Dai: If resurrected, Maito Dai, who possessed immense strength even surpassing the Five Kage, would have been a formidable force against the Allied Shinobi Forces. 

5. Previous Kage: Orochimaru aimed to revive various previous Kage to form a powerful alliance and conquer the ninja world.