Woman Eats Nothing But KFC For 3 Years, See What She Looks Like Now

Georgie Scotney gained attention worldwide after it was revealed that she had survived on a diet consisting solely of KFC french fries and fried chicken for three years. This extreme eating habit was not fueled by a love for the fast-food chain but rather by her struggle with Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID), which limited her food choices based on appearance, smell, taste, texture, and past negative experiences. ARFID is an eating disorder characterized by severe anxiety surrounding food.

While picky eating is common in children, most outgrow it by adulthood. However, Georgie's disorder persisted into her adult life. She initially believed herself to be a stubborn eater until she realized she had an eating disorder when she could only consume KFC chicken. Georgie's fear of various foods, especially sauces, contributed to her restrictive eating.

With the support of her boyfriend Dean Arnold, Georgie recognized that she needed help, particularly as they planned to travel where KFC might not be available. They feared her disorder would cause problems during their four-month journey. As a solution, Georgie turned to hypnotherapy, seeking an alternative treatment to break her bad eating habits.

To her surprise, after just one hour-long hypnotherapy session, Georgie felt cured. She expanded her food choices and even tried fruits and vegetables, realizing she had missed out on so much. Her story showcases the possibility of overcoming eating disorders with the right intervention.

Georgie's case highlights the importance of seeking help for eating disorders before long-term side effects develop. Although she managed to maintain a healthy appearance, her situation could have had different consequences if left untreated. Georgie's success story serves as an inspiration for others silently battling their own eating disorders, demonstrating that recovery is possible. It is crucial to spread awareness and provide hope to those in need of assistance.

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