After marriage, Naruto faces constant contempt, while Sai insists on having his own way.

Love and marriage are also important in the world of Naruto, besides bonds and passion. Let's talk about the married lives of male ninjas in Naruto! Shikamaru Nara and Temari's love story started during the Chunin Exams. Temari admired Shikamaru's intelligence and bravery. In Boruto, Shikamaru becomes the 8th Hokage, living up to Temari's expectations. However, he does not have a high position at home. Shikamaru's wife, Temari, dominates their household. Sasuke Uchiha rarely comes home, causing his wife Sakura to have some resentment. Sasuke's behavior is also strange. He doesn't recognize his own daughter and sneaks home at night. Naruto Uzumaki, married to Hinata Hyuga, has a busy work schedule and frequently neglects his family. Hinata sometimes feels upset, especially when their son Boruto is troublesome. As for Sai Yamanaka, he is considered a winner in his marriage to Ino Yamanaka. He enjoys the company of his wife and doesn't have to deal with the same struggles as the other male ninjas. Orochimaru, though not technically married, has a son named Mitsuki. His life hasn't changed much with Mitsuki's arrival. Each male ninja's married life is unique, but Sai Yamanaka seems to have the most harmonious and stable relationship. Let's discuss our favorite anime together. (159 words)