Ex-escort recounts chilling date with accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann

A former escort who had dinner with accused Gilgo Beach serial killer Rex Heuermann said he "got off" talking about the victims and spouted information about some of the cases that was not widely known during a chilling dinner that left her fearing for her life.  

Nicole Brass, 34, who went out with Rex Heuermann eight years ago to earn money to feed her opioid addiction, claimed in a Tuesday interview with the New York Daily News that he gleefully talked about the Gilgo Beach murders — before trying to pressure her into going to a hotel with him.

"When he spoke about [the murders], it was almost like he was visualizing it in his head and getting off to what he was saying," Brass recounted the eerie conversation from nearly a decade ago.

According to the former escort, her "date" first asked Brass if she was a true-crime fan, and the two spent a short time talking about other famous serial killers.

"Then he said, 'Have you heard of the Gilgo Beach murders?' That's when he got real weird," Brass said, according to the News.

The woman claimed Heuermann mentioned details about the killings that Brass had not heard, despite closely following the investigation.

"I was following the case, and he mentioned one of the girls I hadn't heard about yet. It seemed like he was talking about it from experience, not a point of view," she said.

Brass added that it seemed like the man did not feel at all sorry for the victims and was excited to discuss the killings.    

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