Naruto: The strongest jounin of each of the five great ninja villages


1. Konoha: Kakashi - Kakashi is an elite jonin in Konoha, known as the "Copy Ninja" for his ability to copy over a thousand ninjutsu with his Sharingan. 

2. Sunagakure: Gaara - Gaara, the only elite jonin in Sunagakure, serves as Kazekage Rasa's trusted subordinate.

3. Iwagakure: Kurotsuchi - Kurotsuchi, an elite jonin and the daughter of the Third Tsuchikage, is considered to be at Kage level in terms of strength.

4. Kirigakure: Kisame - Kisame, a member of the infamous "Seven Swordsmen of the Mist," is the strongest elite jonin in Kirigakure. 

5. Kumogakure: Gold and Silver Horns - The elder-level Gold and Silver Horns are the most powerful elite jonin in Kumogakure.