Naruto: 5 terminal diseases that cannot be cured


1. Itachi Uchiha's Terminal Illness:  His physical condition rates at only 5 points and he has long wrinkles on his cheeks and occasionally coughs up blood. 

2. Kimimaro's Terminal Illness: Kimimaro, the leader of the Sound Five, possesses elite ninja abilities but is unable to participate in the reincarnation ritual due to a debilitating illness.

3. Kamizuki Jisou's Terminal Illness : Kamizuki Jisou, a special Jonin, is known for his mastery of Konoha's Sword Style, but his physical condition rates even worse than Itachi's, at only 4 points. 

4. Shinn's Terminal Illness: Shinn, the older brother of Shisui Uchiha, possesses incredible power but suffers from a terminal illness, constantly coughing up blood. 

5. Minato Namikaze's "Chuunibyou" Illness: Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage, suffers from a "Chuunibyou" illness characterized by extravagant and dramatic jutsu names. Although not life-threatening, it earns him ridicule.