VIDEO: Pizza Delivery Guy Helps Cops Capture Alleged Thieves

Pizza delivery driver Tyler Morrell found himself in the middle of a high-speed police chase while on a delivery in Aston, Pennsylvania. Despite the unexpected situation, Tyler didn't hesitate to take action. As a stolen car crashed nearby, the driver fled on foot and ran into Tyler, who was holding a pizza. Quick-thinking Tyler tripped the suspect with his foot, allowing the police to catch up and make an arrest. Remarkably, he never dropped the pizza during the incident, which was captured on video. Tyler's heroic actions earned him praise from both the police and the community.

The police expressed gratitude for Tyler's assistance, as his intervention gave them the opportunity to apprehend the suspect. Chief of Police Michael Vice commended Tyler for his quick thinking and stated that he ultimately saved the day. The pizza also remained intact throughout the ordeal. After the incident, the pizza was safely delivered, and Tyler received a glowing review from the customer who ordered it.

Tyler's act heroism gained national media attention, bringing recognition not only to him but also to Cocco's Pizza, where he works. The pizza shop received numerous calls from people requesting Tyler as their delivery driver. In response to the overwhelming support, Tyler set up a GoFundMe campaign to collect tips, which he plans to use to fulfill his dream of starting his own restaurant called "Morrell's Cheesesteak Company." The campaign quickly surpassed its goal within a couple of days.

Overall, this heartwarming story showcases Tyler Morrell's bravery and quick thinking during an unexpected situation. His actions not only helped the police capture a suspect but also brought attention and support to his aspirations.

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