Naruto: These 5 dragon ninjutsu are very rare


1. Flying Thunder God Technique: Instant teleportation to marked locations. Undefendable since Second Hokage's death.

2. Shadow Clone Technique: Creates solid clones that can attack independently. Consumes massive chakra. Not taught in Konoha. 

3. Dead Demon Consuming Seal: Summons the Shinigami to seal a target's soul. User sacrifices their own life force. Lost after Third and Fourth Hokage's deaths. 

4. Amaterasu: S-rank fire release ninjutsu that creates unextinguishable black flames. Forbidden due to its destructive nature. Known by a select few Uchiha clan members. 

5. Izanami: Powerful genjutsu that traps victim in eternal time loop of memories. Forbidden as user becomes blind.