Naruto: The 5 most useless top ninjutsu


1. CO Self-Destruction: This is Deidara's powerful explosive ninjutsu that sacrifices himself to create a massive explosion. It has a radius of 10 kilometers and can destroy anything in its path. 

2. Kirin: Sasuke's ultimate lightning ninjutsu that uses natural thunder. It surpasses ordinary lightning techniques but failed against Itachi's Susanoo.

3. Rikudo Sealing: One of the strongest sealing jutsu in Naruto. It is an S-class jutsu with the power to annihilate enemies. However, it only sealed rocks and was easily dodged by Sasuke and Madara. 

4. Eight Branches Technique: Orochimaru's ultimate forbidden jutsu that transforms him into an Eight-Headed Serpent. It grants immortality and destructive power comparable to Tailed Beasts and Susanoo. 

5. Sage Art: Goemon: Jiraiya's strongest Sage Mode ninjutsu. It combines toad oil, wind, and fire elements to create flames rivaling the sun's surface. It was absorbed by Pain's Preta Path and had no effect.