Naruto: When the Akatsuki Organization became the Tailed Beast Jinchūriki


1st: Sasori Sasori, a powerful puppeteer from the Hidden Sand Village, could have become the Jinchuriki of the One-Tailed Shukaku if he hadn't betrayed his village. The image of him sitting comfortably on the stomach of Shukaku is compelling. 

2nd: Hidan Hidan, with his immortality ability, captured the Two-Tails Matatabi. Though not formidable, Hidan's abilities can be troublesome. As a Jinchuriki, he teases Matatabi with a catstick, but the Nekomata dislikes him, making it adorable.

3rd: Jugo Jugo, the most mysterious Akatsuki member, possesses immense strength. If Jugo became a Jinchuriki, he would become shy and hide within leaves when he transforms into the Six-Tailed Saiken.



4th: Kisame Kisame, known as the "Tailless Tailed Beast," has chakra reserves comparable to a Jinchuriki. The image of Kisame offering a banana to the monkey-like Four-Tails, Son Goku, is comical as Goku insists on eating fish. Kisame trembles, afraid of losing Samehada, his giant sharkskin sword. 

5th: Itachi Itachi Uchiha, the epitome of beauty and strength, is worthy of becoming the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails.