Naruto: 5 people with the scariest body modifications


1. Oil Woman Yuno: A member of the Oil Woman clan, Yuno uses bugs for combat. She transforms her body into a nest for small bugs that become powerful when they devour enemies. 

2. Scorpion: A puppeteer obsessed with puppets, Scorpion turns himself into a puppet and becomes immortal. However, he willingly dies at the hands of puppets created by his parents. 

3. Danzo: The leader of the Anbu, Danzo's actions are unconventional. After obtaining the Uchiha clan's Sharingan, his power escalates dramatically. His deformed arm and right eye are disturbing.

4. Kabuto Yakushi: After inheriting Orochimaru's legacy, Kabuto modifies his body and develops numerous ninjutsu. He even achieves Sage Mode, surpassing Orochimaru. 

5. Pain (Nagato): Controlled by Nagato, Pain is controlled by Yahiko. Pain's most formidable ability is the Six Paths of Pain, making him unbeatable during the attack on Konoha.