Off-Duty Cop Took Wife To Eat, Armed Robber Made ‘Deadly Mistake’

Off-duty UC Berkeley police officer Sgt. Brian Sato intervened when convicted bank robber Amanuel Moreno held up Nation's Burgers. Moreno pulled out his gun and threatened employees for cash, but Sato yelled at him to drop his weapon. The off-duty sergeant then fired a single round, fatally wounding Moreno. A cashier who was staring down the barrel of Moreno's firearm said she is thankful that Sgt. Brian Sato was there and intervened. Off-duty officers are often involved in stopping crimes without any consideration for their own life, and they have to make split-second decisions. They have to take into consideration the environment and whether other citizens are in harm’s way as well as potential scenarios and outcomes.

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