Struggling Grandpa Returns $43K He Found In Used Couch, Gets A Call

Howard Kirby, a struggling grandfather from Michigan, discovered $43,000 in cash inside a second-hand couch he bought. Despite his own financial difficulties, he chose to return the money instead of keeping it. He felt convicted by his faith and wanted to do the right thing. The couch was traced back to Kim Fauth-Newberry, the granddaughter of the original owner who had no idea there was money hidden in it. Kirby returned every penny to the rightful owners. In a surprising turn of events, Kirby received unexpected support—a roofing company offered to repair his roof for free, and a GoFundMe campaign raised $16,000 to help him with his financial burdens. Kirby's selflessness and integrity have inspired others and brought him a sense of peace and joy.

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