Naruto: When the protagonist enables the six immortal mode


1. Uchiha Itachi: Uchiha Itachi, known as the "god of shinobi," was incredibly powerful and handsome. Imagine if he had the Six Paths Mode, he would appear dominating. 

2. Kakashi: Kakashi, the Sixth Hokage, is a favorite among Naruto fans. He has proven himself in battles against formidable opponents. Imagine him as a Six Paths Sage, and he transforms into an evil hidden boss. 

3. Hinata: Hinata is revered for her beauty but lacks power. If she obtained the Six Paths Sage Mode, she would be a literal work of art. 

4. Sasuke: Sasuke has the Six Paths through his Rinnegan but lacks the Sage Mode. If he had the Six Paths Sage Mode, he would look incredibly handsome and rival Naruto. 

5. Boruto: Boruto, the son of Naruto, has gained extraordinary powers. If he inherited Naruto's powers and activated the Six Paths Mode, he would be the most formidable force in the shinobi world.