Taking stock of the strength of the Hokage Summoning Technique throughout the ages


1. Uzumaki Naruto: Naruto's summoned creature is a toad, which he learned from Jiraiya. He can summon them at any time and has learned Sage Mode to enhance his chakra and techniques. ​

2. Hatake Kakashi: Kakashi’s summoned creature is a ninja dog. His eight ninja dogs help him track and capture targets. Each dog is wearing the same style of clothing.

3. Tsunade: Tsunade’s summoned creature is a slug. She possesses divine power and the S-level ninjutsu "Creation and Rebirth". She is known for her expertise in detoxification.

4. Namikaze Minato: Minato’s summoned creature is also a toad.

5. Sarutobi Hiruzen: His summoned creature is Enma, the Monkey King.


Yama has an indestructible body and can transform into a staff.

6. Orochimaru: Yama is recognized as the strongest summoned creature.

7. Hashirama Senju: His summoning technique is Edo Tensei. His water ninjutsu is extremely powerful.

8. Pegasus Thousand Hands: His summoning skill is the Five Great Feast. It summons a huge magic-faced iron gate for defense.