How different is the power of the same technique when used by different people?


The Power of Jutsu: Variations in Effectiveness Wood Release: Hashirama's Power vs. Yamato's Struggle: In Naruto, the power of jutsu varies depending on the user. 

The First Hokage's wood release surpasses even the Nine-Tails, while Yamato, with the same cells, struggles to contain just half of its power. Obito and Madara Uchiha, also with Hashirama's cells, show greater skill in wood release than Yamato. 

Fire Release and Water Release: Skills and Differences: Obito's fire release is so strong that it requires multiple water release users to counter it. The Second Hokage's water release, aided by his chakra reserves, surpasses most users in terms of simplicity and attack power, similar to Kisame Hoshigaki's water release.

Shadow Clones: Naruto's Advantage: The number of shadow clones one can create depends on chakra capacity. Naruto can create thousands, whereas even the jutsu's creator falls short. Only Hashirama, along with Naruto and the Nine-Tails, can rival his clone quantity.