Naruto: 5 ninjas who did not appear in Ninja Wars


1. Rock Lee's student: Despite not participating in the Ninja War due to his age, Rock Lee, a high-level ninja, always protected the village.

2. Ebisu: This elite high ninja, who taught Naruto ninjutsu, possessed great power but stayed back to protect the village during the war. 

3. Yugao Uzuki: An elite high ninja skilled in genjutsu, Yugao, who had a close relationship with Asuma, did not participate in the war due to her pregnancy. 

4. Teuchi: This legendary figure, who can use the Six Paths Mode, retired from his ramen business but still protected the village during the war. 

5. Fugaku: Resurrected by Yakushi Kabuto for the war, Fugaku did not make an appearance, possibly due to author oversight or the decision of Yakushi Kabuto. These five powerful ninjas, despite their abilities, did not participate in the Ninja War for various reasons.