Naruto: The 5 people with the fastest hand seals


1: Uchiha Itachi : It has been officially proven that Itachi has the fastest sealing speed in the ninja world, surpassing even Sasuke and Kakashi. 

2: Kakashi Hatake : He can predict his opponent's sealing gestures and is confident in his sealing speed. While his sealing speed overwhelmed Zabuza, he ranks second to Itachi in the ninja world. 

3: Hiruzen Sarutobi : His sealing scores in the "Shinobi Handbook" are perfect, unmatched in the ninja world. However, his age has diminished his strength compared to his prime when he rivaled Itachi. 

4: Orochimaru :While not physically strong like Jiraiya and Tsunade, Orochimaru surpasses them in ninjutsu and sealing. He is one of the few ninjas with a perfect score in sealing techniques. 

5: Kabuto Yakushi : Initially underestimated, Kabuto proves his strength during the Chunin Exams. As Orochimaru's loyal servant, he inherits and surpasses Orochimaru's abilities.