Naruto: 5 people with weapons hidden inside their bodies


1. Orochimaru: He transformed his body into that of a snake, giving him unique physical characteristics. 

2. Kimmimaro:  His entire body becomes a weapon, with bones protruding to form bone spike armor. He can also extract bones to use as a bone staff or whip. 

3. Shino: As a member of the Aburame clan, Shino specializes in secret techniques and uses parasitic insects in combat. These insects, hidden inside his body, emerge from his skin when he uses them, giving off a disgusting feeling. 

4. Sasori: His body hides numerous weapons, including fire and water jutsu from his palms and shuriken-like weapons in his hands. Sasori is a puppeteer without weaknesses. 

5. Kakuzu: His entire body is a weapon, including laser cannons in his head, iron arm missiles and chakra cannons in his hands, and a blade that can grow from his back.