Sex Offender With ‘F—k Cops’ Face Tattoo Dies After Attacking Deputy

Eric Nelson, a convicted rapist with an anti-police tattoo, attacked a deputy in Florida. However, shortly after his violent outburst, Nelson met a horrific end. He was arrested by the Lakeland Police Department for a possible burglary and found with methamphetamine and syringes in his backpack. While in custody, he displayed combative behavior, making threats, and behaving violently towards jail staff and fellow inmates.

Nelson was then transferred to South County Jail and placed in the medical dorm on suicide watch. Upon arrival, he assaulted several deputies, striking one in the face multiple times and attacking others as they tried to restrain him. Despite using chemical deterrents, the deputies struggled to control Nelson due to his heightened strength from drug use. Eventually, they managed to shackle and handcuff him, but when they noticed he wasn't breathing, medical staff performed CPR. Unfortunately, Nelson was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Throughout his life, Nelson had accumulated a lengthy criminal record, including convictions for rape, battery on a law enforcement officer, drug possession, and more. His extensive drug abuse and dangerous behavior ultimately led to his demise. This incident serves as a reminder of the potential consequences that can arise from a life of crime and substance abuse, highlighting the dangers and tragic outcomes associated with such choices.

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