“Please Don’t Hurt The Girls” Were Last Words Home Invader Ever Heard

In Harris County, Texas, a home invasion took place where three armed masked men broke into a house while a grandmother was cooking breakfast with her three young granddaughters. With no time to call 911, the family members and an employee of their construction business who were present had to rely on their own means of protection.

The woman's adult son, who was in his bedroom, heard the commotion and armed himself. When he heard the plea, "Please don't hurt the girls," he took action and fired at the intruders. In the ensuing standoff, one of the suspects fired a shot, but the son managed to hit one of the intruders, resulting in their death.

Two of the suspects managed to escape in a car, while the third suspect was killed at the scene. None of the eight family members were harmed during the incident, and the son was not charged for protecting his family.

Neighbors reported hearing voices speaking Spanish and gunshots during the incident. The motive behind targeting this particular family, who owned a construction business, was still under investigation.

This incident highlights the importance of self-defense and being prepared to protect oneself and loved ones. The average response time for law enforcement in Harris County is around 5 to 8 minutes, emphasizing that individuals must often rely on their own actions in dangerous situations. In this case, the son's quick thinking and readiness to defend his family prevented a potentially tragic outcome.

Overall, this real-life event underscores the significance of personal security and the potential effectiveness of taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of oneself and others.

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