Ark. mom accused of fatally shooting son during argument over stuck lawn mower


A 43-year-old mother is accused of shooting and killing her son after they allegedly got into an argument because she was stuck on a lawn mower.

According to the probable cause affidavit, on May 31, Tabatha Pebler contacted the Fulton County Sheriff's Office to report she shot her son, Brandon Chrisco. She reportedly informed investigators that she was mowing her lawn and "got stuck." Pebler allegedly asked Chrisco to "help get the mower unstuck," but Chrisco was "upset having to help to get the mower unstuck."

She reportedly became stuck a second time, at which point Chrisco allegedly called his mother a "b----.


" After that, he reportedly pushed her off the lawn mower. The affidavit says Pebler walked to her car and picked up her pistol from the console. Pebler reportedly "took the short way to the vehicle," while Chrisco walked a longer route to the car. Pebler reportedly fired "warning shots" at him as he continued to approach her, and she pulled the trigger again as he got closer.

Pebler reportedly struck her son in the upper-left part of his chest, and the bullet passed through his body. She allegedly told investigators she was "not meaning to kill him, she just wanted to scare him and stop."